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Stronghold Description: Camelot is both a fortress built from the ruins of an ancient fort of the Empire and a city unto itself, surrounded by high walls with rounded towers and machicolated parapets on which archers can be easily positioned. Loopholes are set into the towers and walls in various places, allowing archers even more vantage points. The bascule is down more often than not, and the portcullis is only lowered in the event of a siege. At its heart is the castle proper where the royal court resides and the great hall where business is conducted.


  • Dalweth: The forest province of Dalweth sees heavy traffic from Galisa lumberjacks. Since Galisa relies on Dalweth lumber for much of its industry, they are extremely careful and respectful of the woods. Lumberjacks are careful to lay seed wherever they cut, and to not travel too deeply into the woods. While Fairy Rings are known to appear in Dalweth, they are far less common.

    Galisa lumberjacks are said to have contact with some elven settlements within Dalweth, but the lumberjacks are very close-lipped about such a relationship and tend not to even admit to the existence of elves within the woods.

  • Cerirwen: Unlike the well-respected and generally natural woods of Dalweth, Cerirwen, due to its proximity to the Imperial Capitol, is more like a nature park for the nobility. There are a number of sprawling estates and not even the Fairies dare to form Fairy Rings within it. Its distance from the front makes it relatively untouched by the creatures of the Rift, and it tends to be something of a resort for the wealthy and affluent.

  • Gwaych: The coastal province of Gwaych is close to both the Rift and the Forest, making it somewhat difficult to get to safely. That said, the town of Caemos enjoys a fairly strong trade, the closeness of the forest provides ample lumber, and much like the people of Galisa the people of Caemos are careful to be respectful of the woods.

    Caemos is a fishing town, but has gained notoriety for some rather talented sailors. While the seaside is not extremely close to the Rift, rampaging sea creatures can often be found in the area and the people of Caemos have developed strong sailing and shipbuilding skills to match. While their vessels aren't really meant to go to sea, they can go out far enough to get good fish yields as well as escape or take down most Rift creatures that make their way up to the town.
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Nobles, knights, and those of sufficient rank are expected to follow the chivalric code and conduct themselves in accordance with the chivalric virtues of Honour, Honesty, Valour and Loyalty at all times. They are likewise expected to exhibit humility and mercy to friends, allies, and countrymen.

Commoners, while not bound to chivalric code, are expected to remain honest in their dealings and refrain from abusing those weaker than them. Everyone regardless of rank is expected to be charitable to those less fortunate, to respect those who rank above them, and to treat those of lesser rank with the proper dignity.

Additionally, there exists an earlier law which must be observed,that of Hospitality. Should an individual invite another into his or her home, the person invited falls under the protection of his host for the duration of his stay. Violation of this law is a serious offence which can result in harsh punishment under certain circumstances.


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